Course of Science of Bioresource Production

Tropical Bioresource and Plant Resource Production

Name of Advisory ProfessorUniv.Special SubjectFields of Instruction and Research
ISSHIKI ShiroVegetable and Ornamental HorticultureGenetics and breeding in horticultural crops
UENO KihachiCrop ScienceSustainable crop production technologies
KOTODA NobuhiroHorticulture and Plant PhysiologyPhysiology and functional genomics of citrus germplasms and horticultural crops
GOTO FumiyukiProtected HorticultureEnvironmental control of greenhouses and physiology of horticultural crops
SUZUKI AkihiroCrop PhysiologyMechanism for establishment of symbiosis between higher plants and symbionts
TSUJITA YukiHorticulture,Plant PhylogenyStudies on mycorrhizal association, plant ecology ,conservation and in vitro culture in flowering plants.
ZHENG, Shao-HuiTropical Crop ScienceCropping system, Physiology and Eco- morphology of tropical leguminous crops
Fruit Tree ScienceGenetics and breeding fruit trees
FUJITA DaisukePlant BreedingGenetics and improvement in tropical crop
MATSUMOTO YuichiHorticultural ScienceCultivation and postharvest management of horticultural crops.
WATANABE SatoshiPlant Breeding and GeneticsIdentification of genes related to agronomic traits for soybean breeding
AKAMINE HikaruRYUKYUSTurfgrass ScienceTurfgrass ecology, physiology and management
URESHINO KenjiHorticultural ScienceGenetics and breeding in horticultural crops
KAWAMITSU YoshinobuTropical Crop SciencePhotosynthesis and biomass production in tropical crops
SUWA RyuichiCrop ScienceStudy on cultivation method and quality improvement
NAKAMURA IchiroPlant Physiology and BreedingSalinity tolerance mechanism and breeding crops
Md. Amzad HOSSAINCrop Production ScienceTropical crop production and weed management
Md. Mizanur Rahim KhanHorticultural ScienceGenetics and breeding in horticultural crops
ICHITANI KatsuyukiKAGOSHIMAPlant Breeding and GeneticsGenomics, genetics and breeding in crops
ONJO MichioTropical Crop Science Agronomy and eco-physiology in toropical crops
SAKAGAMI Jun-IchiTropical crop scienceTropical and Subtropical Crop Ecology and Physiology
SHIMIZU KatsuyoshiCrop ScienceMorphological, ecological, physiological and cultivation research and analysis of crops and plants
SUMI AkioTropical Crop ScienceCrop ecophysiology of cereals, pulses,and root crops
PAKU ByoungjaeTropical Crop ScienceEcophysiology and active ingrediend in toropical crops
YAMAMOTO MasashiFruit Tree ScienceGenetics, breeding and genetic resources in fruit trees

Animal Resource Production

Name of Advisory ProfessorUniv.Special SubjectFields of Instruction and Research
EBARA fumioSAGAAnimal ScienceAnimal management and human-animal interactions
YAMANAKA Ken-ichiAnimal ReproductionStudy for improvement of development competence in vitro products embryos production system
IMURA YoshimiRYUKYUSFeed ResourcesUtilization and management and feed resources
OIKAWA TatsuroApplied Animal GeneticsAnimal genetics applied for animal breeding
KONNO ToshihiroFunctional AnatomyDevelopmental biology and morphogenesis
SANO AyakoEnvironmental Hygiene for Live StockZoonotic fungal infections
SASAKI ShinjiAnimal GenomicsGenomic analysis for inherited diseases in Japanese Black cattle
TATEMOTO HidekiBiology of Animal Reproduction and DevelopmentCellular physiology and manipulation in animal gametes for applied reproduction
NAGAMINE ItsukiAnimal Physiology Nutritional and neural physiology for animal reproduction
NAMIHIRA TomoyukiTropical pasture scienceThe
OOKUTSU ShojiKAGOSHIMAAnimal reproductionPhysiology and biotechnology in animal
OSHIMA IchiroFunctional anatomyThe mechanism of meat production and the architecture of skeletal muscle
OKAMOTO ShinAnimal Genetic ResourcesConservation and utilization of animal genetic resources
GOTOH TakafumiMeat ScienceAdvanced meat science contributed to providing nutrition, deliciousness and preventing disease including production systems and processing technologie
SHIMOGIRI TakeshiAnimal GeneticsEvaluation and utilization of farm animals by molecular genetics
TAKAYAMA KojiAnimal ManagementAnimal behavior and wildlife management
Yoshitaka NAKANISHIAnimal ManagementAnimal behaviour and feeding management
MIYOSHI KazuchikaAnimal Developmental BiotechnologyApplication of developmental biotechnologies to animal reproduction

Regional and Global Resource Economics

Name of Advisory ProfessorUniv.Special SubjectFields of Instruction and Research
TSUJI KazunariSAGAFarm Business ManagementManpower training in farm business
NAKAI ShinsukeEcological anthropology, human geographyNatural resource use
FUJIMURA MihoRural sociologyCommunity organizations and environmental change in rural society
OTA IkuoRYUKYUSForest PolicyComparative study on international forestry related institution and sustainable management
KONOSHIMA MasashiForest resource economics, environmental
Economics analysis of forest resource use and conservation
NAITOH ShigeyukiAgricultural MarketingAgricultural Marketing and food distribution
SUGIMURA YasuhikoAgricultural EconomicsAgricultural Policy and Agricultural Marketing
CHEN BixiaHuman-Environmental SciencesAppropriate utilization, conservation of the built environment, and culturally preserved forests and landscapes

LEE, JaehyeonKAGOSHIMAFarm Business ManagementFarm Management Strategy in Food System
KUGA MizuhoFisheries economicsEconomic analysis of fisheries marketing and processing industries
SAKAI NorioAgricultural EconomicsAgricultural policy and agricultural structure
SAKUMA YoshiakiFisheries managementSocioeconomic analysis of fisheries management policy
SANO MasaakiFisheries EconomicsEconomical analysis of fisheries industry
TASHIRO ShoichiAgricultural economicsAgri-environmental policy, agrarian history
TORII TakashiFisheries EconomicsEconomic analysis of the fisheries industry
HIRATA KunihiroForest policy and economics Forestry production business and organization
YUTAKA TomoyukiAgricultural MarketingConduct and Performance of Agricultural Marketing and Distribution