Course of Biological Science and Technology

Bioscience and Biotechnology

Name of Advisory ProfessorUniv.Special SubjectFields of Instruction and Research
KITAGAKI HiroshiSAGAFermentation MicrobiologyAnalysis of organelles and metabolism of fermentation microbes and its industrial application
KIMURA KeiAlgal life scienceStudies of biological phenomena pf algic by molecular cell-biological approach
GOTO MasatoshiApplied MicrobiologyFunctional analysis of filamentous fungi and their application
KOBAYASHI GentaApplied MicrobiologyIsolation of useful microorganisms and utilization of biomass using microorganisms
ISHII TakahiroRYUKYUSBioactive natural product chemistrySearch for useful bioactive natural products from unutilized subtropical bio-resources
KANEKO SatoshiCarbohydrate Chemistry/EnzymologyUtilization of plant cell wall and sea weed polysaccharides
TACHIBANA ShinjiroApplied enzymologyUtilization of enzymes and bioactive substances of useful microorganisms
TOYAMA HirohideMicrobial BiochemistryMolecular biology of useful microorganisms and development of microbial enzymes
FUKUTA Masakazu Molecular biologySearch for novel functional genes from subtropical species
MIZUTANI OsamuGenetic engineering Genetic engineering and molecular breeding of fermentation microbes
KAJIYA KatsukoKAGOSHIMABiochemistry and Nutritional chemistryStructure-function relationship and membrane physiological dynamics of biomolecules
KITAHARA KanefumiApplied Carbohydrate ChemistryCarbohydrate Chemistry of Root Crops
Mun'delanji Catherine Mthangeyi VESTERGAARD[Nano]biotechnologiesApplication of biosensor and biomimetic technologies in food, agriculture and other areas
Applied biological chemistryStarch chemistry
FUJITA KiyotakaApplied Carbohydrate ChemistryFunctional characterization of glycoside hydrolases
FUTAGAMI TaikiApplied microbiologyAnalysis and molecular breeding of microorganisms used for fermentation industry
MINAMI YujiBiological chemistryStructure and function of self-defense proteins and peptides
YOSHIZAKI YumikoBiochemistry, Fermentation ScienceAnalyses of flavor in foods and its formation mechanisms.

Food Science and Nutrition

Name of Advisory ProfessorUniv.Special SubjectFields of Instruction and Research
NAGAO KojiSAGANutrition BiochemistryRegulation of lipid metabolism and physiological functions of food
NOMA SeijiFood Process EngineeringDevelopment and improvement of food processing technology
HAMA YoichiroBioresource ChemistryStructure and function of glycoconjugates
TAKARA KensakuRYUKYUSfunctional food chemistryBioactive structure of food and phytochemicals
TAMAKI HajimeNutritional biochemistryStructural and functional analysis of food components and phytochemicals 
Yonathan ASIKINFood and flavor chemistryAnalysis of food deliciousness and flavor components.
WADA KojiFood AnalysisAnalysis of food components and their functionalities
IJIRI DaichiKAGOSHIMANutritional Biochemistry and Food ScienceMolecular mechanisms of protein degradation, Physiological functions of animal products
Hisham Radwan IBRAHIMStructural‐physiological functions of food and peptides Structual-biologisal of proteins and peptides from foods their applications in drug development
OHTSUKA AkiraNutritional Biochemistry and Feed ChemistryMolecular mechanism of the metabolic regulation of body protein and lipids
KATO SanaeBiochemistry,food biochemistryBiochemistry of protein from aquatic animal
KAMINISHI YoshioMarine BiotechnologyGene analysis and its utilization in the field of fisheries
KOMATSU MasaharuFunctional Food Safety ScienceFunctional mechanisms of aquatic natural compounds and food components
SHIOZAKI KazuhiroGlycobiologyPhysiological functions of glycoconjugates
TAKUMI ShotaFunctional food safety science
Functional mechanisms of aquatic natural compounds and food conponents
KUMAGAI MomochikaNatural Product Chemistry
Exploration of useful natural products from Aquatic bioresources and analysis of functional molecules and aroma components in seafood
MIYATA TakeshiMolecular designapplying molecular design for development of vaccince against human and animal diseases by using food materials

Advanced Life Science

Name of Advisory ProfessorUniv.Special SubjectFields of Instruction and Research
SOH NobuakiSAGAAnalytical Chemistry, Biopolymer ChemistryDevelopment of novel food/bio analysis methods and creation of advanced materials utilizing biopolymers and natural products.
KAWAGUCHI Shin-ichiChemistry of Natural ResourcesDevelopment cosmetic and medicinal material from natural resources.
TSUJITA TadayukiBiochemistry,Applied Health ScienceBiochemical study for the Environmental sensing molecular mechanism in vertebrates and its pharmacolgical utilization.
NAGANO YukioBiochemistry and Molecular BiologyBiochemistry and Molecular Biology of higher eukaryotes
MITSUTAKE SusumuLipid Biochemistry and Food FunctionPhysiological function of lipids on the plasma membrane, and its application on functional food
KAWAGUCHI Shin-ichiChemistry of Natural ResourcesDevelopment of cosmetic and medicinal material from natural resources
INAFUKU MasashiRYUKYUSFood Functional ChemistryFunctional analyses and its application of food resources.
IWASAKI HironoriCell Biology, Functional Food ChemistryCell metabolic regulation of functional food compounds.
OKU HirosukeMolecular BiotechnologyUtilization of genes and gene products
KONISHI Teruko Plant physiology, GlycoscienceStructure, function and the biosynthesis of plant cell wall polysaccharides.
TAIRA TokiEnzymologyStructure and function of enzymes from microbes and plants
SEO MitsunoriPlant Molecular Biology and PhysiologyPlant hormones and environmental responses
ISHIBASHI MatsujiroKAGOSHIMAApplied MicrobiologyMicrobial production and protein engineering of recombinant proteins
HOU, De-XingMolecular Nutrition and Molecular BiologyBioactivities and molecular mechanisms of food and natural compounds
TAKAMINE KazunoriShochu and Fermentation TechnologyAnalyses of function and flavor of fermented food
ENOKI TatsujiTAKARABIO INC. Visiting Prof.Advanced BiotechnologyIndustrial application of regenerative medicine technology
OHNOGI HiromuAdvanced BiotechnologyAnalysis of  functional food factors
MINEO JunichiAdvanced BiotechnologyApplications of cell & gene therapy related technologies to industry