Qualification for Application

  1. Qualifications for Application
  2. Selection Method
  3. Private/Public Sector Applicants

Prospectus (Admission for Doctoral Course at the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Kagoshima University: Entrance in October, 2024)

  • *The admission in October 2024 is only limited to the applicants who will be awarded a Japanese Government (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, MEXT) scholarship program that the enrollment period in graduate school (Doctoral Course) is designated only in September or October 2024. 

How to request Prospectus and application form

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Qualification for Application

(1)The following candidates may apply for admission

The following candidates may apply for admission

  • Those who have a Master’s (Shushi) Degree from a Japanese university
  • Those who have a degree equivalent to a Master’s Degree from a university in foreign country
  • Those who have been designated by the Minister of Education, Japan
  • Those who have received recognition that their academic abilities are equal to or higher than a Master’s Degree

(2) Method of Selection

The submitted application documents will be used as the basic documents for examinations.
Consideration for candidates of entrance applicants will be based on the Oral examination.
Oral examination Oral examination of the applicant’s professional academic ability will be primarily performed by testing the applicant’s knowledge of the master’s thesis, study development report, or the content of a thesis that is equivalent to the master’s thesis and the future research proposals.
In this regard, an applicant who does not have a master’s thesis, study development report, or thesis that is equivalent to a master’s thesis and the applicant who passed or is expected to pass an examination in a foreign country that is equivalent to the Examination of Doctoral Thesis Study Basic Ability shall take an Interview derived from the form stating the reason for applying for admission (reason for applying and what the applicant learned in the master’s course) and the future research proposals for the purpose of examining the applicant’s professional academic ability and ability to conduct research.
[Explanation of the content: The oral presentation will take approximately 20 minutes. The Graduate School will only provide an LCD projector in the oral examination room. Applicants are responsible for any preparations and for setting up the necessary equipment. A question-and-answer session will follow the examination and is expected to last approximately 20 minutes.]

(3) Private/Public Sector Applicants

The United Graduate School welcomes applicants who work in private/public sector and meet the above qualifications.