Course of Resources and Environmental Sciences of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Environmental Sciences and Conservation Biology

Name of Advisory ProfessorUniv.Special SubjectFields of Instruction and Research
UENO DaisukeSAGAAgricultural environmental chemistryDevelopment of agricultural technology with analytical chemistry of "odor compounds"
KUSABA MotoakiPlant PathologyMolecular genetics of plant-microbe interactions
TOKUDA MakotoSystem EcologyPlant herbivore interaction
NISHIDA ShoPlant NutritionPlant response to nutrient avaiabilty and improvement of crop
HAYAKAWA YoichiEntomologyBiochemical and melasules biological spidies insects
YOSHIGA ToyoshiNematologyPhysiological and ecological studies on nematodes
KAJITA TadashiRYUKYUSPlant Diversity SciencePlant diversity studies involving Systematics, Phylogeography and Population Genetics
KITOU MakotoPlant NutritionNitrogen and phosphorus nutrition of leguminous plants
KINJO KazutoshiSoil scienceSoil and enviomentalscience
SEKINE Ken-TaroPlant virology
Control of the viral diseases in subtropical plants
TATSUTA HarukiEvolutionary BiologyStudies on variation and speciation mechanisms in wild organisms
TANIGUCHI ShingoForest science Silvics forest ecology tree-reproduction reproductive physiology
TABA SatoshiPlant pathologyDiagnosis and development of environmrntally friendly control method for subtropical plant diseases
TSUJI MizukiEvolutionary EcologyIntegrative studies on individuals, populations and ecosystems from the evolutionary perspectives
SHIMOJI HiroyukiEvolutionary ecologyEvolutionary ecology in social insects
TSURUI KaoriBehavioral EcologyBehavioral ecology, conservation biology, and applied entomology in insects and fish
MATSUMOTO KazuhoForest ecology, ecosystem ecologyWater, energy and cycles in the forest ecosystem
WATANABE ShinEnvironmental science and conservation biology intensive lectureElucidation of relationship between ecological niche of mangrove tree species and the physiological tolerance to environmental science
AKAGI IsaoKAGOSHIMASoil Science and plant nutritionbehavior and distribution of trance elements in agro-ecosystem
IKENAGA MakotoSoil MicrobiologyMicrobial diversity and function in soil and plant-associated ecosystems, Characterization and classification of novel microorganism
KAMITANI YoshinoriFood safety and EngineeringDevelopment Food safety system and machinery
HAMANAKA Daisuke Postharvest Science and TechnologyShelf-life extension of fruits and vegetable. Food preservation, Food Safety
UGAWA ShinSilviculture and Forest EcologyDevelopment of silviculture techniques, Clarification of maintenancy mechanism of tree ecosystems
SAKAI MasaoSoil ScienceAnalysis of the structure and function of soil ecosystem and utilization of soil microbial function.
SAKAMAKI YositakaSystematicsMorphological and behavioral studies on terrestrial arthropoda
NAKAMURA MasayukiPlant pathologyAnalysis of
phthgenicity and virulence factors in phytopahlogene
CHICHAKI NaoyaPlant nutritionPhysiological disorder plant
HATA KunihikoForest ProtectionControl of Forest Pests, Ecology of Forest organisms

Regional Resource Environment Engineering

Name of Advisory ProfessorUniv.Special SubjectFields of Instruction and Research
ANAN MitsumasaSAGAWater environmental in rural areasEvaluation and optimization of agricultural water management
INABA ShigekiAgriculture Engineering Fields of instruction and research study of the agricultural machinery and information technology in agriculture
KORIYAMA MasumiEnvironment of shallow sea and tidal flatEnvironmental characteristics and function in shallow sea and tidal flat area
KONDO FumiyoshiEnvironmental GeotechnicsStudy of physical, chemical and geotechnical properties of soft soil, and development of environmental material for soil improvement
TANAKA MunehiroAgriculture engineering Preservation of Agricultural product and sustainable utilization of biomass resources
TOKUMOTO IeyasuEnvironmental Soil ScienceAnalysis and Development of Measurement Methods for Water, Carbon, and Nitrogen Cycling in Agricultural Fields
HARAGUCHI TomokazuWater environmentMuvement of land originated from agricultural fiels, conservation of water environmental in water sheds
MIYAMOTO HidekiEnvironmental soil physicsModeling of water, solute,heat,and gas transport within soil ecosystems
YUGE KozueIrrigation engineeringOptimization of water management in farmlands and quantification of multifunctionality of irrigation water
KIMURA ShoRYUKYUSLand Environmental ConservationLand conservation and landslide in rural regions on the basis of soil physics and mechanics
SAKAI KazuhitoEnvironmental HydrologyAnalysis of material cycle in agricultual production systems utilizing information science
SHIKANAI TakeshiAgricultural Machinery Systems and Information TechnologyResearch and development of agricultural production systems utilizing information science
NAKAMURA ShinyaGeoenvironmental EngineeringSustainable Land-Use and Landslide Studies in Rural Regions
SETOUCHI HidekiGeotechnical engineering Development and application of computer simulation technologies for geomaterials
TAIRA EizoAgricultural environmental engineeringQuality evaluation of agricultural products using non-destructive measurement
MITSUOKA MuneshiAgricultural Machinery and Food EngineeringAdvancement and optimization of agricultural production system
NAKANDAKARI TamotsuWater environment engineering Sustainable land-use and landslide studies in rural regions
RAZAFINDRABE Bam H.N.Disaster risk management and integrated watershed management Water and sodimental related disaster rick management and intergatatered waterbed management
AOYAGI YuyaAgricultural MechanicsResearch on farm machinery safety using dynamical behavior model, and optimization for production systems using smart agricultural technology
YASUMOTO JunWater environment in rural areaEnvironmental science for environment in rural area
ITO YujiKAGOSHIMAWater resourcesHydrologic approach on ocnservation and management of flesh water resources
INOKURA YoujiForest environmental educationDevelopment and evaluation of forest environmental education program
KANDA EijiAgricultural meteorologyDevelopment of crop model and analysis of agricultural infomation
TERAMOTO YukiyoshiErosion ControlMechanism and prediction of sediment disaster
NISHINO YoshihikoWood EngineeringWood physics and technology

Fisheries Science on Resources and Environments

Name of Advisory ProfessorUniv.Special SubjectFields of Instruction and Research
ANRAKU KazuhikoKAGOSHIMAFisheries EngineeringAnimal behavior and fishing gear and methods
ISHIKAWA ManabuAquatic Nutritional ChemistryAquatic Animal Nutrition and Metabolism
ISHIZAKI MunechikaFishing gear engineeringFishing method fishing design, fishing method improvement
UNO SeiichiEnvironmental ChemistryEnvironmental pollution and evaluation of toxicity in organisms
ENDO HikaruSeaweed ecologyEcology of seaweeds and marine herbivores
OHTOMI JunFisheries BiologyEcology and management of fish and shellfish, population biology of crustaceans
OKUNISHI SuguruMarine MicrobiologyMolecular microbial ecology, water quality monitoring in the red tide occurring area
KUME GenFish EcologyLife history studies and conservation biology of fish
KOTANI TomonariAquaculture and stock enhancementLarval rearing and live feeds
KOBARI ToruBiological OceanographyPhysiology, production ecology and biogeochemical cycles in zooplankton
TASUMI SatoshiFish ans shelfish immunologyHost recognition mechanisms of fish pathogens
TERADA RyutaMarine BotanyBiodiversity, ecology and physiology of marine plants (seaweed and seagrass)
DOI WataruFisheries biology Biology and fisheries ecology of decapod crustacean
NAKAMURA HirohikoPhysical OceanographyOcean dynamics, and observation and data analysis in physical oceanography
NISHI RyuichiroMarine Environmental ScienceMonitoring and simulation of marine environment
Miguel Federico VAZQUEZ ARCHDALEFishing TechnologyAnimal Behavior and Fishing Gear and Methods
MOTOMURA HiroyukiIchthyologySystematics and biogeography of fishes
YAMAMOTO TomokoEcologyCommunity ecology of benthic animals
YOSHIKAWA TakeshiMarine MicrobiologyMicrobiology on preservation of the aquatic environment
EBATA KeigoFisheries EngineeringEducation and Research on fishing gear, fishing operation and development of fishing ground for sustainable capture fisheries.