The United Graduate School (UGS) was establishes as an independent organization by its allied corporations. The Dean and Vice Dean are responsible for the management of school business, and they coordinate the constituent universities. Important matters are determined by Faculty Meeting of the UGS, who are appointed as academic advisors and vice academic advisors.

The Board of Representatives is in charge of overseeing the smooth operation of the UGS and consists of the Dean and Vice Dean, and representatives of the allied universities' graduate schools.

The management Committee, consisting of the Dean, Vice Dean, and Deans of Graduate Schools of Agriculture and Fisheries, selected members of the Board of Representatives and are setting up a representative of Office Manager in the UGS.

Furthermore, on the premise that the UGS should work in close connection with the allied corporations, there is a Joint Commission on the Coordination of Allied Corporations-comprising the presidents of allied universities and the selected Executive Directors, Deans of Faculties of Agriculture and Fisheries, Directors-General, and the Dean of the UGS-to ensure smooth coordination between constituent corporations.

Organizational Administration