Qualification for Application

1.The following candidates may apply for admission

  1. Those who have a master’s (Shushi) degree or a professional degree.
  2. Those who have a master’s degree or professional degree from a foreign university.
  3. Those designated in (2)after completing a master’s degree by distance learning or a professional degree by attending a foreign school in Japan.
  4. Those who have attained a master’s degree or professional degree from foreign educational institutions in Japan offering graduate courses that conform with the educational system of the relevant country and designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
  5. Those who have a Master’s degree through course completion at the United Nations University as Prescribed in Article 1(2) of the Act on Special Measures incidental to Enforcement of the Agreement between the United Nations and Japan regarding the Headquarters of the United Nations University (Act No.72 of 1976), which was established under the December 11, 1972 resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations.
  6. Those who have completed an education course at a foreign school (at educational institutions that have been designated as qualifying for admission), (4) or those who have attended the United Nations University and passed an examination that is equivalent to the Examination of Doctoral Thesis Study Basic Ability, or those who are expected to pass the examination and are recognized as having academic ability that is considered equal to or greater than that of an applicant who holds a master’s degree shall be deemed qualified. (Examination of Doctoral Thesis Study Basic Ability)

    【i】 Examination to substantiate the applicant’s advanced professional knowledge and ability in the major subject
    and basic knowledge in fields that are related to the major subject, which the candidate has learned or intends to develop in the first course.
    【ii】 Examination to substantiate the applicant’s ability to autonomously conduct research related to the doctoral
    thesis and to that which will be learned in the first course.
  7. Those who are specified by the MEXT of the Japanese Government.
  8. Those whose academic achievements are approved as being equivalent to or higher than a master’s degree or professional degree in the judgment of our graduate school; also, the applicants should be more than 24 years of age.

2.Method of Selection

Consideration of applicants as candidates for entrance will be based on an interview, their academic record and Meter’s thesis, etc..

3.Private/Public Sector Applicants

The United Graduate School welcomes applicants who work in the private/public sector and meet the above qualifications.